About The School  

History of Northwest

Northwest Elementary, located in Murray, County Georgia, opened in 1956 with a student enrollment of approximately 250 students. At that time, Northwest was a rural school with strong ties to the community and a stable population that was supportive of the school and the system. The area is still primarily rural and the community has remained supportive, but farms have turned into subdivisions and the population has increased steadily. From an enrollment to 400 students in the early 1990s the school had increased to over 800 students in January 2003. Today, due to the additional construction of new schools in the county the enrollment is in the 500s.


In 1999, the school was remodeled and additional instructional areas were added to the school. The new design provided for an amphitheater and other outdoor areas. The school is also enhanced by a beautiful community park that was built from donations in honor of students who were involved in a train/bus accident in March 2000.

Northwest provides an environment that is non-threatening and supportive of all school populations. The mission for each of its students is for all to become self-confident problem solvers who use the skills they have acquired at Northwest as stepping stones for life long learning. These are not mere words, but embrace a philosophy that all students and teachers strive hard to incorporate into each day's activities.